I need to get practising!

Well with Lee bragging about his ubber massive 24 mile cycle ride today, I am filled with respect and more than a little¬†jealousy!! You see at the moment I am the only challenger who doesn’t actually own a bike! Let me hear you say Ahhhhh!! In fact, I haven’t ridden a bike for about 5 years now!

So, I need to get a bike ASAP so that I can start practising! You can help. If you know anyone who has a road bike for sale at a cheap price, let me know. I will be eternally in your debt, but my butt will hate you for it, so I hope you can live with that!

On our proper ride in 2014 we will need to be covering around 70 miles every day, so you can see why I need to get cycling! Sometimes I have to ask myself how do I get myself in to these things? But in it I am, and in it indeed up to my neck! Still its all in a very worthy cause!

If you know where I can get a cheap practice bike from email me roy@chubbscyclechallenge.co.uk

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