Chubbs Cycle Challenge Blog

So here it is, our very own blog!

This is where we will come to let off steam, or to update you on our exercise regime. I intend this to be a little less formal than the main website, and of course, you get your chance interact and comment yourself.

2 thoughts on “Chubbs Cycle Challenge Blog

  1. So here goes:

    My training is going quite well, tough it takes some commitment to fit it in twice a day!

    Sean is in the process of sorting out a couple of bikes to practice with. I guess that’s when the reality of the challenge will really start to hit home! Does anybody have any proven cures for saddle sore!

    I need to get myself cycling from home to work, a round trip of 40 miles! Covering some pretty steep hills along the way. Sean has said that he will also cycle back and forth to work, but for him that will be a round trip of an incredible 2 miles! Get with the program Sean!

    Well more to come soon

  2. Very difficult to exercise today, when the dog is jumping on my back whilst I’m doing press-ups!!! Still, its all in a good cause.

    Still struggling with the burpee’s, I’m sure that exercise was invented by some kind of Sadomasochistic individual intent on punishing those who want to get fit! Still, all in a good cause.

    My friends keep telling me I must be mad, they say I will hit the wall. Will I succeed in my quest? I hope so, no, I know so, I have the best motivation. It feels like small steps, but you know what they say, a journey starts with small steps, or in this case some peddle action.

    Right now 18 months feels like such a long time, but we have so much work to do during these 18 months, I am sure it will pass very quickly.

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