Singer Songwriter talks of his life with epilepsy

They Say What Doesn’t Kill You

Since beginning this campaign we have always said that it has a twofold purpose. Yes, we need to raise money to support Epilepsy Bereaved but it is equally about making people aware of the issues faced by epilepsy suffers.

With this in mind, I had the greatest of pleasures to interview Guy W. Stoker on The Voice last Thursday.

Guy is not only the most knowledgeable person I know on the subject of epilepsy, he is a truly talented musician. He spoke eloquently about his life coping with the struggle of epilepsy. He is passionate about music, and has used his musical talent to enhance peoples understanding of what it is like living with epilepsy. Guy’s music is so powerful, during the interview I was moved to tears as I listened his song “What doesn’t kill you”. (Listen to the link above) Guy has also composed some award winning pieces of music both instrumental and lyrical that attempt to describe the process and after effects of a seizure.

It was so fascinating to hear how Guy was invited to speak at conferences in the USA and other places around the world. He has made a name for himself both through his music and his passion for using music to explore epilepsy.