Latest news: Just 4 weeks to go!

Hi All! Just 4 weeks to go until we cycle nearly 1000 miles for SUDEP Action. Accommodation is booked, the route is planned (sausage sarni van locations have been plotted) and training is at it’s most ferocious!

Some sad news however, due to personal commitments Sean is no longer joining us so that leaves three…!

Now for the good news: KIWA UK have kindly provided us with a whole heap of cycling gear and even provided us with a support vehicle at great cost so thank you, deeply and truly as you have made this ride possible.

If you have yet to, please take a second to visit our donation page above and send us a few quid!

In the meantime here is a cracking pic taken after a speedy and heart pounding descent into Cheddar Gorge!

Bye for now!


Rare Signed F1 team jacket now under auction!

The time has come! Our Redbull Racing F1 team jacket, SIGNED BY MARK WEBBER & SEBASTIAN VETTEL is on ebay right now!

With all proceeds going towards the ride and S.U.D.E.P action there is no better way to bag yourself a price of rare F1 history!

click here to visit our charity auction on Ebay!

Good luck!!! And if you can’t bid this time please share!!

F1 Fan?! How would you liked a signed Red Bull Racing team jacket?

You would?!!! Well! Thanks to benefactor Inge Heitmann we have a genuine Red Bull Racing F1 Team jacked signed by the drivers (including Sebastian Vettel) all ready to go to someone! We’re not quite sure whether by auction, raffle or exactly how yet! Once we have all the legals in place we shall let you know how you can get your hands on this awesome kit!! All proceeds will go to epilepsy bereaved!

What really lies ahead!

Because our challenge is so far away it seems more mythical than anything. None of us are in shape to do this at the moment and I thought the biggest challenge will be getting fit enough to do it….Until I saw a few videos on You Tube!

I wanted to share the video Below. Andy Johnson completed his 888 mile challenge in 98 hours and 25 minutes, with only 7 hours sleep…. We, of course will be taking far, far longer….However I thought this video was truly epic and very inspirational. Well done Andy!



Rain is fine, it’s the wind that worries me!

As I sit here listening for the sound of the microwave ping which signals the obligatory pre ride porridge is ready another sound dominates my ears……the wind! Oh how I hate the wind!! Rain is fine, (well, Id rather have neither) but at least you can still make progress and depending on your attire stay dry!

Cycling into the wind is like wading through swamp of treacle…You push hard, muscles burning, you can hear nothing but the sound of the wind rushing past your ears then, giving it all you’ve got a pensioner on a mobility scooter flies past! AAAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! I often cycle on the Tarka Trail here in North Devon, the only problem is that it is quite open to the elements and running along the river, estuary & the sea the wind is often in your face….Had this the other day… Picture in your mind for a moment me, slightly over weight, riding an old 80’s racer, pushing hard into the wind, snot and tears flying everywhere, a steely determined grimace on my face…I look up….There riding towards me, wind BEHIND HIM is a sleek, fully Lycra clad cycling machine…..I nod as he passes at about 25 MPH (with not a drop of sweat on his brow) he looks me up and down as if seeing for the first time the shocking spectacle of “THE THING” rising out of the sewer before you, then though smiling lips atop his carbon fiber steed he guffaws “morning”………..Git.

The dumb irony isn’t lost on me that Scotland, the north, Devon & Cornwall, er…..OK Britain is a very windy place…I just hope that we can avoid it on the ride, or better still have the wind behind us… I suppose one positive is training, cycling into the wind you are working harder and getting fitter….Pah.