Latest news: Just 4 weeks to go!

Hi All! Just 4 weeks to go until we cycle nearly 1000 miles for SUDEP Action. Accommodation is booked, the route is planned (sausage sarni van locations have been plotted) and training is at it’s most ferocious!

Some sad news however, due to personal commitments Sean is no longer joining us so that leaves three…!

Now for the good news: KIWA UK have kindly provided us with a whole heap of cycling gear and even provided us with a support vehicle at great cost so thank you, deeply and truly as you have made this ride possible.

If you have yet to, please take a second to visit our donation page above and send us a few quid!

In the meantime here is a cracking pic taken after a speedy and heart pounding descent into Cheddar Gorge!

Bye for now!


Rare Signed F1 team jacket now under auction!

The time has come! Our Redbull Racing F1 team jacket, SIGNED BY MARK WEBBER & SEBASTIAN VETTEL is on ebay right now!

With all proceeds going towards the ride and S.U.D.E.P action there is no better way to bag yourself a price of rare F1 history!

click here to visit our charity auction on Ebay!

Good luck!!! And if you can’t bid this time please share!!


Matt Garrod Joins Chubbscycle Team!!

We very excited to welcome Matt Garrod to our Chubb’s Cycle Challenge team. Matt will be our driver for the challenge. As such he will provide a crucial element of ongoing support throughout our ride. Thank you Matt and welcome to the team.
Matt makes a perfect addition to the Chubbscycle team as Lee and I have worked with Matt at The Voice local radio for North Devon. We have valued his commitment and dedication and look forward to working with him on this project too.

Welcome to the team Matt! J

Check out our FB page and please support us by sharing our page.

it’s getting very close

So, here we are in 2014, just 6 months till we set off on what will become a most memorable event. Training is now well under way, though we still have a long way to go, literally and metaphorically.

Preparations are underway to ensure we have everything we need to make this epic ride possible. We still need a van however, so if you have one that you would be wiling to loan to us, or rent to us at a reduced rate, please do get in touch.

We are planning to get printed cycling vests ASAP, so if you see any of the Chubbs team out on their bikes, please give us some encouragement along the way.

Finally, if you have not yet donated to SUDEP Action, here is a link to our Just Giving page. Every penny helps, so please do give to this amazing charity if you are at all able to do so.

Thank you.


Chubbs Cycle Challenge Update


So we are now on the countdown, this time next year we will be on route between Lands End and John O’Groats. So with this in mind, it is time to beef up my personal training! I have just enrolled at my local Gym with the intention of loosing my last stone (or maybe stone and half) I also need to build up my core body fitness, and if I gain a little muscle in the process well, all the better.

I can also confirm we have now reached a total of £200 so we are 20% towards our target. Please continue to give generously. Lets see if we can get to 50% by Christmas shall we.

You can give directly from our Just Giving page.

You can also donate by Text. Just text CHUB88 and your amount to 70070. EG: CHUB88 £10 (send to 70070)

Many thanks,


Dedicated to everyone who has suffered a loss through SUDEP

Those of you who know me, are by now aware of my commitment to raising awareness of Epilepsy and especially of SUDEP. (Sudden Unexpected death in Epilepsy) This cause has been close to my heart since the death of my younger brother Nathan.

I am honored to have received a phone call yesterday from SUDEP Action, who have invited me to participate in a SUDEP awareness ‘Think-Tank’ with a few like minded people who are determined to make a difference.

With that in mind, and inspired by talking to local Singer Songwriter Guy W. Stoker who fights tirelessly to raise awareness and understanding of epilepsy, I set about writing my own Acrostic Poem to help raise awareness.

I’m no writer, but I thought, I would like to share it with you. Please feel free to share, so that together we can raise awareness.

SUDEP AWARENES Acrostic – By Roy Grimes

S – Secrecy prevails around this much unspoken word,
U – Unless we make it our intent to get our voices heard.
D – Death and devastation, families torn apart,
E – Experiences no one wants to play upon their heart.
P – Please join with us, lets spread the word with one united shout

A – Awareness, action and understanding, that’s what we’re all about.
W – While personal loss and tragedy has visited our lives
A – All of us have a powerful voice that we’ll never compromise
R – Regardless of our story, our losses and our grief
E – Earnestly we’ll stand up tall, as it is my belief
N – Not one who suffered SUDEP should ever die in vain, so
E – Even those who suffered loss, take comfort in your pain
S – SUDEP Awareness with your help will shortly have its say
S – So with a heart so filled with hope, I wish you peace this day